tuesday 090629

warm up:

  • run 200m
  • 3 rounds for time: 20 mountain men, 10 pushups, 5 pullups
  • run 200m


  • tabata air squats, remember your highest number — this is your rep count for the WOD!
  • 3 rounds for time, using the rep count from the tabata squats:
    • x dumbbell thrusters
    • 3 10m sprints
    • x dumbbell swings
    • 3 10m sprints
    • x renegade rows

1 Response to “tuesday 090629”

  1. 090630 at 15:16

    Brutal WOD today… way to fight through it y’all!

    Felt good during the warm-up, legs sore from “Angie” but what else is new? My high score was 20 on the tabata squats… and then the pain train rolled through. With 40# DBs I finished 1 round, the thrusters, swings, and started renegade rows of round 2 at the TWENTY minute time cap. Ouch. No, seriously: ouch.

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