thursday 090521

CFE WOD 05.14.09: Death by 10 meters, continuous running clock.

10 meters on then min. every minute add 10 meters. This can be done 2 ways. 1) either measured on a watch/computer (i.e., Garmin, Polar, bike computer, compu trainer or pool markers) and stopping each successive 10 meters by moving forward. This is the way that it should be done for cycling or swimming. Or 2) set up 2 cones 10 meters a part, and add one return trip each minute on the minute… Either way, you are to add 10 meters each round until you can no longer continue.


1 Response to “thursday 090521”

  1. 1 Eric W
    090521 at 19:01

    got to 13 rounds… which is 10x(13+12+11+…+3+2+1), so 91 runs, or 910 meters. that got really tough toward the end.

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