tuesday 090505

CF Southwest Regional Qualifier WOD #2

for time: 50 pullups, 50 burpees.

(Dutch did this in 3:13, Lance in 3:37, Carey 6:07, Crystal 7:16)

post time to comments.


4 Responses to “tuesday 090505”

  1. 1 Arun
    090505 at 02:00

    Oh badass WOD. Eric can you get your rings in case my shoulder don’t hold up doing the pullups. Looking forward to this one.

  2. 090505 at 14:24

    Strong work today y’all!

    My time was 7:11 chest to bar. Ouch. Thanks everyone for yelling at me! Talk about motivation!

  3. 3 Arun
    090505 at 18:38

    10:33 if I remember correctly – 30-35 kipping chin to bar pullups (first time in weeks and the shoulder held up) + remaining were ring rows. Good work by everyone this morning. See y’all Thursday morning

  4. 4 Eric W
    090505 at 21:05

    10:04, mostly chest to bar. i was off the pull-ups by 3:45/4:00, then the burpees took WAY longer than i wanted them to… not too pleased with my performance here at all.

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