thursday 090430

CFE WOD 04.08.09

3x5min intervals, 3 min recovery.  Hold maximal pace/distance for each round.  Foul if you get slower or lose distance on each round.

Foul: 2min isometric squat hold.

NOTE: if the weather sucks, we’re going to Rogue Equipment (5th and San Marcos) to do the bootcamp WOD.


3 Responses to “thursday 090430”

  1. 1 Eric
    090430 at 13:48

    1: 0.77mi (6:29/mi)
    2: 0.80mi (6:15/mi)
    3: ~0.82mi (6:05/mi)

    No fouls! But I did one anyway, since a couple others fouled. That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it was still tough.

    Good work today guys!


  2. 2 Lauren
    090501 at 00:57

    You would’ve thought I sand bagged the first round, but I guess I was just that slow 🙂 Lots of room for improvement. Good workout, fouled on the last round by seconds…I wanted to do the squat hold anyway. Who doesn’t love a 2 minute squat hold.

  3. 3 Arun
    090501 at 03:28

    Eric – impressive. You got faster and that last round was at a pretty fast clip 🙂

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