Thursday 090423

CFE Tosh

3x (200m + 400m + 600m)

rest exact time it takes to run the interval; so if it takes 50 sec to run 200, you rest 50 sec and then do the 400.

post times and distances to comments.


2 Responses to “Thursday 090423”

  1. 1 Arun
    090422 at 23:18

    Hey Eric – thanks for posting this WOD. Given I haven’t run in a while and today’s 2 miles during the WOD was a nice way to ease back, I’m going to do the CFE Tosh WOD on the C2 rower.

  2. 090423 at 13:06

    That’s some serious rowing Arun! Good luck bro! Since I was the only one at the track this morning, I substituted 400 meters walking lunges for today’s WOD. Ouch. For some crazy reason I’ve really wanted to do this WOD. I’m soooo over that now… completed as rx’d, but I forgot to bring my watch so I didn’t get to time it.

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